Early Cross Co., Ltd.promotes following personal data protections through establishment of personal data protection policy, formation of personal data protection structure and thorough understanding of the importance of personal data protection and efforts by all employees.

1. Management of personal data

To avoid any unauthorized access, accidental loss, damage, falsification and leak of personal information, we work on necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, development of management system, thorough employee education and conducting appropriate security measures for strict personal data management.

2. Use of personal information

Personal information will be used mainly for contacting and sending out notices of business activities. Based on our business and size, we will only acquire, use and provide personal information using fair and legal methods and will not use outside of intended use.

3. Prohibit of disclosure and providing personal information to third parties

We manage personal information appropriately and will not disclose any personal information unless any from below is applicable.
・When consent of user exists.
・When providing service which user requested requires disclosing to outsourcing company.
・When disclosure is legally required.

4. Personal information safe measures

We will take any necessary measures against security for personal information accuracy and safety secure.

5. User review

If any user requests for a review, edit, removal of their personal information, we will accept requests upon identity verification.

6. Laws and regulation compliance and review

We will comply with any laws and regulations in Japan for personal information which we possess and appropriately review this privacy policy for any improvements.

7. Contacts

For any inquiries regarding personal information, contact us from here.